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Career Resources


In the Career Services Center main reception area, Math/Psych 212, there are computers and reference resources (books, e-books, magazines, newspapers, graduate school testing applications and CDs/DVDs) on various topics pertaining to career planning, the job search process and applying to graduate school. The library resources are available during normal CSC operating hours. Below lists the books and e-books available in our career library. They are sorted by subject material. Select a category or multiple categories and hit search to see a list of books/e-books available for that subject material. Then come to the CRC and ask for the specific titles you want to read.




Approach An Advertising Agency
Careers In Advertising
Becoming A Graphic Designer
Breaking Into Television
Fashion And Print 2001
How To Be A Working Actor
Entertainment 101
High Kicks
Liberal Arts Jobs
Directing Your Directing Career
Opportunities In Photography Careers
Zen And The Art Of Making A Living
Great Jobs for Computer Science Majors
Careers In Criminal Justice
Careers In Criminology
Forensic Science Careers
Careers Using Geography
Careers In The Environment
Environmental Careers In The 21st Century
Environmental Careers In The 21st Century
Career Paths In Psychology
100 Jobs In Social Change
Careers In Social Work (Second Ed.)
100 Jobs In Words
Great Jobs for Economics Majors
Financial Consulting
Getting Started As A Financial Planner
Great Jobs For Anthropology Majors
Great Jobs For Accounting Majors
Great Jobs For Art Majors
Great Jobs For Biology Majors
Great Jobs For Chemistry Majors
Great Jobs For Engineering Majors
Great Jobs For English Majors
Great Jobs For Foreign Language Majors
Great Jobs For Geology Majors
Great Jobs For History Majors
Great Jobs For Liberal Arts Majors
Great Jobs For Math Majors
Great Jobs For Music Majors
Great Jobs For Political Science Majors
Great Jobs For Psychology Majors
Great Jobs For Psychology Majors
Great Jobs For Theater Majors
Careers For Animal Lovers
Careers For Bookworms And Other Literary Types
Careers For Number Crunchers & Other Quantitative Types
Careers For Romantics And Other Dreamy Types
Careers For Persuasive Types
Careers For Scientific Types
Teacher Testing Requirements
How To Succeed In Academics
Jobs In The Drug Industry
Jobs In The Drug Industry
EMT Career Starter 2nd Edition
101 Career Alternatives for Teachers
Studying Engineering
Is There An Engineer Inside You?
Technical Analysis Of The Financial Markets
The Mulligan Guide To Sports Journalism Careers
Career Opportunities In The Sports Industry
Vault Career Guide to Media and Entertainment
Media Companies
Careers In Management Consulting
Becoming A Consultant
Internet Jobs
Keys To Liberal Arts Success
The Artist's Way At Work, Riding The Dragon
PHARMREPSELECT, Your Complete Guide To Getting A Job In Pharmaceutical Sales
Become An Actor*
Become An Advertising Copywriter*
Become An Archaeologist*
Become A Celebrity Personal Assistant*
Become A Doula*
Become A Human Resources Specialist*
Become An Interior Decorator*
Become A Management Consultant*
Become A Mystery Writer*
Become A Public Relations Consultant*
Become A Screenwriter*
Become A Songwriter*
Become A Television Producer*
Become A Television Reporter*
Become A Travel Writer*
Become A Video Game Designer*
Become A Web Developer*
Get A Job On Capital Hill*
Career Opportunities in Banking, Finance and Insurance
Career Opportunities in Computers & Cyberspace
Career Opportunities in Education
Career Opportunities in Health Care
Career Opportunities in Politics, Government and Activism
Career Opportunities in Science
Career Opportunities in Television, Cable, Video and Multimedia
Careers in Writing
Vault Career Guide to Biotech
Vault Career Guide to Consulting
Vault Guide to Capitol Hill Careers
Vault Guide to Technology Careers
Vault Guide to Health Care Employers