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Resume Writing


If you are applying for internships or jobs, you will need a well crafted resume. Carefully crafted resumes are your key to obtaining invitations to interviews. Resumes should be tailored to the positions for which you are applying. Check out the resources listed below for help with the initial draft and then follow up with a career specialist either in an individual appointment or during drop-in hours.


In order to use your resume to apply to jobs listed in UMBCworks, you must follow our Resume Approval Process.

Professional References

See the Requesting Professional References and Letters of Recommendation portion of the Career Guide (p. 30)



Also consider . . .


Identifying skills, interests & abilities

Since the average person will change jobs and careers numerous times within one's life, knowing you skills, interests and abilities gives you true job security as you move about creating new opportunities for yourself. Check out the resources and programs we have available to help facilitate your self-exploration.


Career Goals

You need to know where you're going if you want to get there! Setting goals is a way to establish and identify your destination. But to make sure you reach your destination, you'll need a good road map. Continue reading to learn how.

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