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CSC offers tips on how to effectively support your student. You'll also find more information about career development timelines, campus career-related support services, and resources available to job searching students.


Parents' Connection Newsletter

Stay up-to-date with UMBC's Parents' Connection newsletter and re-visit CSC's career-related articles focusing on parents, students and careers.

Current and archived editions of UMBC's Parents' Connection Newsletter.


Career Change for Yourself

Looking for some resources and tips related to your personal career-decisions?  These programs and resources will get you started.


Hire a UMBC Student

If you or your employer is interested in hiring UMBC students for part-time or full-time, professional positions, visit the Employer section of CSC's website for more information on posting a job in UMBCworks, attending a job fair, setting up on-campus interviews, etc.

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